Photo Credit: Israeli Prison Service
A container of fluids a security prisoner attempted to smuggle out of jail. June 27, 2023

A security detainee at the Ramon Prison in southern Israel was caught by Israeli guards trying to smuggle out a container with another jailed terrorist’s sperm on Tuesday, the Israeli Prisons Service announced.

The bottle was found hidden in the pants of the man being released.


The prisoner who provided the sperm was identified and placed in solitary confinement.

The issue of babies born to jailed PA Arab terrorists is a sensitive topic in the Palestinian Authority. More than 100 babies are claimed to have been conceived by semen smuggled out of Israeli prisons. The prisoners’ wives supposedly impregnate themselves via in vitro fertilization.

Successfully conceiving a baby this way costs at least $10,000, usually significantly more. Palestinian Authority clinics have been known to provide IVF services pro bono if the prisoner is serving a long-term sentence. Fatwas, or Muslim religious rulings issued by Muslim clergy permit the practice.

Israelis tend to view the children as illegitimate, saying that the sperm cannot survive the journey from prison to clinic unless under special conditions, and that the children are usually the product of another father, and not the jailed husband.

The first terrorist’s baby was reportedly conceived and born this way in 2012.


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