Photo Credit: Al Arabiya

Here’s a fresh story form Al Arabiya in Arabic, dated Saturday 12 Jumada Al-Awwal 1437 (that’s February 20, 2016 to you and me), headlined: “See ISIS man putting his child in car to detonate himself in Syria.”

The shocking video and accompanying images have newly emerged from a suicide bombing carried out by an “ISIS child” outside Aleppo, in northern Syria. We see a father helping his 11-year-old boy, Abu Amara, to ride a car crammed with explosives—after having taught him how to drive.


The suicide mission was carried out in mid-January in a village north of Aleppo, which was taken over by ISIS later that day.

The father is seen ushering his boy into an armored van loaded with explosives, and climbing in after him to instruct him on basic driving technique (mostly about starting and going, stopping and parking not so much). The boy then recites a short speech in which he declares his dedication to Allah, etc., the standard Bar Mitzvah speech. The accompanying images show the boy kissing daddy’s hand, then, in the video, daddy climbs out of the vehicle and send his boy on his way. Some live fire ensues, the lyrical tune which has been following the touching scene so far now rises in anticipation, and then comes the money shot — an explosion far away in the horizon. Ka-boom, brave little Abu Amara has earned his 72 virgins.

The terrorist mind at its finest, combining space-age technology with the best thinking of 7th century Arabian peninsula. Allah was pleased, the boy’s father was pensive but generally happy, Mom likewise (see images). All in all, a fine time was had by all.

If you brought your own bowl, you may puke now.


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