Photo Credit: Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Rebecca Floto
A Marine Corps recruit receives a test for COVID-19 in Charleston, S.C., May 5, 2020.

The number of coronavirus patients worldwide on Wednesday crossed the 5 million point and stands at 5,003,155. Of those, 1,971,453 patients have recovered and 325,218 died.

The US far outpaces the rest of the planet, with 1,570,908 confirmed patients, of whom 361,180 patients have recovered and 93,537 died. The CDC expects the number of coronavirus-related deaths in the US the pass 100,000 by June 1.


NY State has seen 362,630 cases, out of whom 28,648 died. New Jersey has 151,014 cases, with 10,591 dead. In Illinois, 98,030 have been infected, 4,379 died. In Massachusetts there have been 87,925 confirmed patients, 5,938 died. In California 83,804 cases, 3,425 deaths. Pennsylvania: 67,427 cases, 4,751 deaths. Michigan: 52,350 cases, 5,017 deaths. In Texas 50,672 confirmed cases, 1,402 deaths. Florida: 46,944 cases, 2,052 deaths. Maryland: 41,546 cases, 2,081 cdead.

As of Wednesday, the CDC projects 143,000 coronavirus-related deaths in the US by August 1.

The second worst hit country as of Wednesday, assuming reports there are valid, is Russia, with 308,705 confirmed cases and 2,972 deaths. The actual number of deaths could be much higher. The UK has confirmed 248,818 cases, resulting in 35,341 deaths. Italy, with 226,699 confirmed cases has seen 32,169 coronavirus-related deaths. Spain: 278,803 cases, 27,778 deaths. Brazil: 271,885 cases, 17,983 dead.

In comparison, things in Israel were much more cheerful on Wednesday: only 16 new cases were confirmed, bringing the overal number of cases to 16,659, with 278 deaths (one today), and 13,435 recoveries.

Jerusalem now has 895 active cases; Bnei Brak 650; Beit Shemesh 175; Houra, a Bedouin town in the Negev, 128; Tel Aviv 112; Modiin Ilit 108; Beitar Ilit 72; Ashdod 63; Elad 61; Dir el-Asad 57; Petah Tikvah 50; Ra’anana 33.


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