Photo Credit: Shomrim of Stamford Hill tweete
Man attempting to suffocate a pregnant Jewish woman in north London, March 18, 2021.

The Jewish neighborhood watch group Shomrim of Stamford Hill in London on Sunday night shared a disturbing CCTV recording of a man with a shopping cart following a Jewish woman, 20, in her 27th week of gestation, and attacking her with a pillowcase which he tried to put over her head in an alley in north London.


The attack took place on Thursday, March 18, at 6:30 PM, on Manor Road in Stoke Newington. According to the Shomrim tweet, the attacker stalked the woman, suffocated her, and viciously and repeatedly punched her in the stomach. The woman was rushed to the hospital with injuries, the man fled the scene but his face was recorded by the CCTV. Police are searching for an assailant.

Shomrim of Stamford Hill tweeted an appeal to identify this extremely dangerous fugitive who is still on the loose after CCTV captured him viciously attacking the young pregnant woman in Stamford Hill in an unprovoked attack.

Shomrim volunteers have increased patrols after a recent spike in assaults on lone females in the Jewish neighborhood. According to The Independent, in another attack last Thursday, a pregnant woman was punched, choked, and bitten by a man in Nottingham. A suspect was arrested and charged with bodily harm and criminal damage.

London Metropolitan Police told the newspaper Metro that they are investigating the Stamford Hill attack but no arrests have been made yet.


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