Photo Credit: David Holt via Flickr
London anti-Uber taxi protest, June 11 2014

The transportation network company Uber removed a London driver from its application in response to a complaint from two Jewish customers who said last Monday he had cancelled their trip because, as he put it, he “doesn’t take Jews.” According to local media.

According to the complaint, the driver, identified in the Uber app as Ahmad, arrived at the pickup point, saw that his two passengers, Sam Adler and a business partner, were wearing yarmulkes and pulled away.


Adler told the Jewish Chronicle: “We were standing by the roundabout of Wembley Hill Road and Empire Way, and the guy drove past and said ‘just dropping off a passenger, I’m coming back.’” He then “turned around, and as he drove past us, said ‘I don’t take Jews.’ Then he hightailed it, just pegged it.”

Uber issued a statement saying that “as soon as we are made aware of these situations we remove a driver’s access from the app and report them to the Metropolitan Police.” The company informed Adler they had “the full details of the partner-driver, trip and rider on our systems, so that we can immediately investigate any concerns raised.” The company would not, however, compensate the two passengers for their disturbing experience.

We hope he sues.