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Hebron destruction, 1929

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Exactly 90 years ago today, on Av 18, 5689, August 24, 1929, an Arab massacred 67 of their Jewish neighbors in Hebron.


Click on the video below and watch a hate-filled elderly Arab woman recalling with delight her memories of those murders, some of which involved rape, torture and sexual mutilations. They’ve all have remained with this woman to this day, without a hint of remorse or shame, only glee and satisfaction, and a hearty blessing that her children and grandchildren share in future massacres of Jews:

On Friday, August 23, 1929, Arab youths threw rocks at Hebron yeshiva students on the street. A student named Shmuel Rosenholtz was trapped by the rioters who killed him.

At 7:00, Shabbat morning, hordes of nearby Arab villagers began to flock to Hebron.

Some of the Jews who were hiding in the home of Eliezer Dan Slonim, head of the Jewish community of Hebron, encountered a shower of stones when they ventured into the street.

Two brothers, Eliyahu Dov and Israel Aryeh Haykal, begged Hebron police chief Raymond Cafferata to keep the rioters away. The rioters murdered both of them at the foot of the policeman’s horse.

Thousands of Arabs, armed with knives, axes and pitchforks, started crying victoriously: “The government is with us!”

It was their cue to start attacking the Jews in earnest.

The Baltimore News report of 1929 Hebron massacre.

They broke into the home of Eliahu Abushadid and stabbed him and three other men to death, seriously wounding the women and children.

Next, they broke into the home of the old Chacham Yosef Kastil, murdered him and burned down the house.

Rabbi Chanoch Chasson, the rabbi of the Sephardi community, was murdered along with his wife.

Ben Zion Gershon, the lame pharmacist in the Beit Hadassah clinic, who had served Jews and Arabs alike for decades, was tortured and murdered, but not before his daughter was raped by dozens of rioters and murdered, and his wife’s hands were cut off and she died in agony.

When rioters stormed Eliezer Dan Slonim’s home, Slonim, who was armed with a pistol, did not shoot them but shouted at them instead to calm down.

A Jewish tourist from Poland named Grodzinski recalled what happened next:

“We all rushed to strengthen the front door and walked around the rooms like crazy people …

“The shriek of women and the howling of babies filled the house …

“We set up boxes and tables … but when we saw that the assailants had broken the door with axes, we left the door and began to flee from room to room, but in each room we were met with a hail of stones …

“When I entered one of the rooms I saw my mother standing by the window and shouting ‘Help.’

“I looked out the window and saw a mob of wild Arabs laughing and throwing stones …

“I grabbed my mother and pushed her behind a bookcase …

“I brought in another young woman and a 12-year-old boy and one of the yeshiva students, and finally I went there as well …

“We were crammed against one another and heard the sound of the Arabs who burst into the room, the sound of their singing that intermingled with the cries and sighs of the beaten.

“Ten minutes later there was silence …

“We heard loud shots, apparently from the police.”

The rioters smashed the head of Eliezer Dan Slonim with an iron bar, and then tortured and murdered the Jews they were able to catch.

Slonim’s wife and son, his father-in-law, Rabbi Avraham Ya’akov Orlansky, the rabbi of Zichron Yaakov, and his wife, were also murdered. Only his youngest son, Shlomo, who was a year old, and lay wounded under the corpses of his family members, survived.

Director of Tel Nordau School in Tel Aviv, author Chaim Eliezer Dubnikov, and his wife, who came with their children to vacation in Hebron, were tortured and murdered.

Their children, ages eight and twelve, hid in a nearby closet and heard their parents being murdered.

A baker named Noah Imerman was burned to death by the mob which forced him into his store’s oven.

Police chief Cafferata heard a shout from one of the houses. He described what he saw when he entered:

“An Arab was raising a sword over a baby, aiming to cut off his head. He had already hit him once and was about to hit him again … I shot him in the groin.

“Behind him was a Jewish woman, smeared with blood, and a policeman named Issa Sharif, from Jaffa, in civilian clothes, stood over her with a dagger. When he saw me he left her, ran away to another room and called out: ‘Your Honor, I am a policeman.’ This man died later: I shot him.”

Aftermath of the 1929 Hebron massacre / Unknown via Wikimedia

Rabbi Meir Shmuel Castel (68), Rabbi Tzvi Drabkin (70) and another five men were castrated.

Yitzhak Aboshadid and Dubnikov were suffocated with a rope.

Yitzhak Abu Hanna (70) was tied to a door and tortured until he died.

The two-year-old Menahem Sekko’s head was ripped off his neck.

Hands and fingers were cut off, to steal bracelets and rings.

Shops and synagogues were looted and burned.

Some people survived because they lay under the bodies and pretended to be dead.

At about 10:30 in the morning, the riots in Hebron stopped and the villagers returned to their homes.

The surviving Jews began to emerge from their hiding places, stunned by the enormity of the horror.

They were ordered by the British to gather at the police station.

The injured were also brought to the same station, but there was nothing to do for them, after the Beit Hadassah clinic had been completely destroyed. several died of their injuries

It’s true that the horrors of Hebron were later dwarfed by the size and scope of Jewish suffering in the European Holocaust. But the boasting of this Arab woman about the fun of killing Jews when she was but a young lass offers us a view of Jew hatred that was preserved and passed down to her children and their children, mixed with her breast milk.

And so they fester, generations of Arab Jew-haters whose “Palestinian” identity begins and ends with murder, and with literally nothing else.

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