Photo Credit: TVZ Design via Flickr

Israel Police and the Tax Authority on Monday morning arrested six people suspected of smuggling diamonds and committing money laundering offenses amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. Among the suspects are the son and brother of a well-known Israeli businessman. The investigation began in March. The suspects will be arraigned and, likely, remanded Monday afternoon. Police announced they have already flipped a state witness in the case.

The investigation was conducted secretly by the National Unit for Serious and International Crime Investigation at Lahav 433, alongside customs, the VAT, and the Diamond unit of the Tax Authority.


The detainees were taken for interrogation under a warning, on suspicion of involvement in smuggling diamonds valued at hundreds of millions of dollars to the State of Israel, money laundering, offenses under the Customs and Income Tax Ordinance, conspiring to commit a crime, receiving goods fraudulently, falsifying corporate documents and additional offenses, over several years.

The well-known businessman whose brother and son were arrested in the affair, left Israel a few years ago and settled down in London.

The police intend to carry out further arrests in Israel and abroad, possibly including requesting the extradition of the well-known businessman.