Photo Credit: Israel Police
Archaeology Theft: Tools of the Trade

Israel authorities were successful in apprehending five suspects as they were engaged in the theft of antiquities in southern Israel.

The police stated Sunday that a joint activity of police officers, Border Police volunteers, and the Nature and Parks Authority led to the arrest of five suspects in the theft of antiquities.


During the night shift on Saturday in the Negev sector, a report was received from the Nature and Parks Authority regarding suspects stealing antiquities. The authorities rushed to the scene.

Forces who arrived at the site near Highway 40 identified five suspects with fresh excavation marks and two suspicious vehicles next to them.

During a search of the vehicles, the forces seized excavation equipment and arrested five suspects in their 30s and 40s, members of the Tarabin Bedouin tribe.

The findings were transferred for investigation by the Antiquities Authority.

The police did not name the site that was hit by the suspects.

It is illegal in Israel to excavate antiquities sites without a license, and offenders can face up to five years in prison under the law.


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