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The Besadno Investment Group’s  portfolio company Filterlex was awarded a grant of $200,000 at the prestigious PCR annual international innovation conference in Paris. Filterlex follows in the footsteps of other Besadno portfolio companies that have received enthusiastic accolades from the scientific community, this time in the field of medicine.

Filterlex signifies an exciting breakthrough for cardiology patients. In the course of cardiological procedures and surgeries, tissue masses from the area being treated, called emboli, are released into the bloodstream. Emboli can travel to arteries in vital organs, potentially causing blockage. As a result, blood flow is occluded, harming essential tissues and leading to necrosis, even death.


The Filterlex device is designed to divert, capture, and excise emboli released during medical procedures. The device has a structure that prevents the entry of emboli into cerebral arteries, diverting them downstream to the far end of the device where they are trapped.

The Paris-based PCR Innovators Day is an ideal platform for central players in the field of cardiovascular medicine. The conference provides participants with opportunities for in-depth networking, while serving as a forum for industry partners to display new products alongside projects that are still in the research and development stage.

In her update to the members of the board, Filterlex’s founder and CEO Ms. Sigal Eli, herself an expert on cardiologic imaging and interventions, wrote: “I am extremely pleased and proud of this award which we received at such a prestigious conference where, out of 80 competitors, only five ventures – including our project — won. This international award will assist us in introducing our product to the medical field where it will become an essential product in heart surgery and catheterization, contribute to medical know-how, and benefit patients.”

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