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David Nesta “Ziggy” Marley, Jamaican musician and leader of the band Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, who is reggae icon Bob Marley’s first-born son, is coming to Tel Aviv for two concerts, July 31 and August 1. Ziggy, who is married to Israeli Orly Agai—the couple has four children—told Ynet back in 2011:

“The history of our connection to the root of Israel—David, Solomon—goes way before I met my wife. My father, my Rastafarian culture, is tightly linked to Jewish culture. We have a strong connection from when I was a young boy, reading the Tanach, the Bible, the Old Testament.”


Now the anti-Israel NGO Code Pink, whose leader has just been banned from visiting the Jewish State, has embarked on a campaign to force Marley to cancel his Tel Aviv Concerts.

To make their case, Code Pink just posted a string of lies about the reality of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel that should once and for all remove any claim the group may have made of loving Israel but hating the “occupation.”

“Tell Ziggy to act on the principles he sings about and cancel his July–August concerts in Israel,” the Code Pink website tells the musician’s fans, suggesting that “if he goes forward with his July and August concert dates in Israel, he will be using his name and talents to whitewash Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people, including ongoing massacres taking place right now in Gaza.”

So, in Code Pink’s universe, right now, there’s a massacre going on in Gaza. We don’t know how it started, we don’t know why, but Israel one day decided to do a massacre, looked around, Gaza looked like a good place for it, and boom, massacre. Not 150 miles away, over in Syria, mind you, where an estimated 60,000 civilians have just been displaced by government and Russian direct attacks, and are relying on Israel for humanitarian aid.

Reading on, one cannot shake the feeling that the Code Pink website is where leftist Jews merge with white power Aryans in their hatred for Israel.

In the same 2011 interview with YNet, Ziggy Marley discussed his respect for Judaism: “What really impacts me is that the culture keeps their history alive—all the holidays and everything to celebrate their history,” he said. “I’m very jealous of that, because in my culture we don’t do that.”

It appears that Code Pink’s culture also doesn’t do that. Its dedication to attacking their own brothers and sisters with no notion of historic facts and fairness is a manifestation of their being cut off from the body of our nation. At some point, we should probably sit shiva for them. Hey, they say kadish for Hamas terrorists, don’t they?


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