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Ziv hospital team members wearing protective clothes carry the body of a patient who died from COVID-19, October 7, 2020.

Israel’s Health Ministry announced Tuesday morning 9,589 new verified corona patients, based on 129,449 test results. As of Tuesday morning, there are 1,027 serious patients in Israel, of whom 247 are on respirators. 3,704 have died since the outbreak of the pandemic. 1,854,055 received the vaccine (not including those who received the second dose of the vaccine).

On Monday, Israel crossed the half-million mark of the outbreak of the corona pandemic, becoming the 29th country in the world where more than 500,000 people have been diagnosed with the virus. As of Tuesday, the total number of infections since the outbreak stands at 504,269.


These high figures persist despite the tightened lockdown, which has entered its fifth day. It appears that the lockdown, as well as the period of restrictions that preceded it, are not helping so far and that the more contagious British mutation continues to spread in Israel.

The Weizmann Institute’s research team believes that the British mutation, which is responsible for an estimated 2,000 corona infections a day, will become dominant in the coming weeks and cause most of the severe morbidity and mortality starting next month.

Prof. Eran Segal, who heads the team of researchers at the Weizmann Institute, said that assuming the tight lockdown will last three weeks, then the peak of serious infections is being recorded these days, while the peak in the number of verified patients is still ahead of us, and will be recorded in about a week.

Police at a temporary roadblock in Jerusalem, January 11, 2021. / Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

According to the Weizmann Institute’s presentation to the Corona Cabinet, although virus infections will continue, the rate of vaccination is expected to lead to a gradual decrease in serious morbidity and there will probably be no need for a further lockdown.

On Monday, Kan 11 news reported that about 30% of the dead from Corona since the beginning of 2021 were from Arab society. 102 people from the Arab sector died in the first ten days of 2021, out of the 330 corona patients who died in Israel in that time. 26 of the deceased were Haredi, and 202 were non-Haredi Jews.

The data analysis shows that about 30% of the new verified corona patients since the beginning of 2021 were from the Haredi society, about 15% from the Arab sector, and the rest from the general population.

In Jerusalem alone, 6,323 Haredim have been verified with the disease, and they constitute 50% of the new morbidity in the city. About 2,700 new infections have been discovered in Modi’in Illit alone in the last ten days.

Despite the increase in the rate of vaccinators in Arab society, in eastern Jerusalem only about 20% of the target population has been vaccinated. On Tuesday, the Jerusalem municipality and the Clalit HMO will launch a vaccination campaign in the Kafr ‘Aqab neighborhood, which is part of the Jerusalem municipality.

There are no green cities in Israel as of Tuesday. Among the yellow cities are: Ramat Hasharon, Hod Hasharon, Ness Ziona, Givatayim, Herzliya, Modi’in-Maccabim-Reut, Ariel, Yahud, and Eilat.


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