Photo Credit: Abir Sultan/Flash 90
Heron flying above Lake Kinneret, May 17, 2010.

Our friend Ezri To Be sent us this lovely video shot with his drone of lake Kinneret as a kind of meditation to bring in the day of rest.

Lake Kinneret (a.k.a. Sea of Galilee)

    • It is the lowest freshwater lake on Earth
    • It is the second-lowest lake in the world (after the Dead Sea, a saltwater lake)
    • It is between 705 ft and 686 ft below sea level
    • It is approximately 33 miles in circumference, about 13 miles long, and 8 miles wide
    • Its area is 64.4 square miles at its fullest
    • Its maximum depth is approximately 141 ft
    • Lake Kinneret is fed partly by underground springs but its main source is the Jordan River which flows through it from north to south and exits at the Degania Dam
    • The lake is located in the Jordan Rift Valley, which was caused by the separation of the African and Arabian plates in a great earthquake
    • The modern Hebrew name, Kinneret, appears as the “sea of Kinneret” in Numbers 34:11 and Joshua 13:27, and with the spelling “Kinnerot” in Joshua 11:2
    • A popular etymology of the name suggests it originates from the Hebrew word kinnor (harp, or lyre, or in modern Hebrew, violin), because of the shape of the lake
    • The experts believe it is named after the important Bronze and Iron Age city of Kinneret, but the city may have been named after the harp-shaped lake, so go figure


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