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After lagging behind its main rival Blue and White in the polls in recent months, Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud has taken the lead just a week ahead of the elections, according to several polls published Monday.

Several polls published in the last 24 hours project that Likud is in the lead with 35 seats, and Blue and White is right behind with 34 seats.


The right-wing block, led by Likud, is projected to receive 57 mandates, still four short of the 61 required to form a government.

Blue and White and the left receive only 44 mandates.

Israel will go out in a week to vote for its leadership, the third time in the past year.

The right-wing and religious parties, who are natural coalition partners, are expressing optimism over the prospects of achieving the 61 required seats and forming a government.

However, political pundits have said that unless some real surprise or miracle occurs, Israel may be forced to face a fourth round of elections.

Another possibility being considered is that Blue and White will attempt to form a minority government, but without any other parties in their government. They will instead rely on Liberman, the Leftwing and Arab parties to not topple their government of one, which is something that Netanyahu can’t count on.

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