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Marwan Barghouti with Tortit candy

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir on Tuesday morning told 104FM (Galay Israel) that the prison guard who served Fatah terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti warm cholent last Shabbat will face disciplinary charges.

The minister pointed out that under previous security prison administrations such a violation would have been swept under the rug. Acting IPS commissioner Kobi Yacovi, who has just been installed by Ben Gvir, has declared a zero-tolerance policy toward disciplinary infractions, violations of procedures, and moral transgressions, especially when it comes to security prisoners.


Several days ago, Barghouti, who serves five cumulative life sentences plus 40 years for terrorist attacks in which five Israelis were murdered and many injured, was transferred from Ofer to Ayalon prison as part of Ben Gvir’s drive to toughen the conditions of jailed terrorists. Among other things, Ben Gvir decreed that imprisoned terrorists would receive only vegetarian meals.

But according to Israel Hayom, this past Shabbat, Barghouti received the same warm cholent, complete with delicious chunks of meat, that was served to the Jewish prisoners.

The Israel Prison Service stated that Barghouti is “a security prisoner and all the rules applicable to these prisoners apply to him. A disciplinary procedure has been initiated against the jailer.”

Back in May 2017, Barghouti became a laughing stock when during a prison hunger strike he had organized, the Fatah leader was caught on camera munching pizza and the kosher candy bars Tortit (“A wonderful waffle snack made of almond cream, from Elite”).

Barghouti has been on Hamas’s shortlist of terrorists they want to be released in exchange for Israeli hostages. Many, including in the West, see him as the heir apparent to 86-year-old PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Should he be released based on Hamas’s demands, he would likely prove to be a very reasonable partner in leading a terrorist state east of Israel’s soft belly.

And now, because how could we not: Country Yossi’s Cholent Song:


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