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Israel, one of the world’s top five leaders in cyber security, has declined to join a global agreement that regulates the use of artificial intelligence in the military arena.

The Jewish State also has repeatedly declined to be a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), nor does Israel accept IAEA safeguards on some of its principle nuclear activities, a self-defensive policy that has been generally tolerated by both allies and adversaries.


The agreement, REAIM 2023 Call to Action, is the first global summit on “Responsible Artificial Intelligence in the Military Domain.”

The summit, hosted by the Dutch government, won the support of the United States, China, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, along with more than 56 nations, and the agreement was published this weekend.

Those who signed the document agreed to use artificial intelligence in the military arena only when “employed in full accordance with international legal obligations and in a way that does not undermine international security, stability and accountability.”

The 25-point agreement holds no legal status at present.

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