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Smoke rises during an exchange of fire between the IDF and Hezbollah terrorists on the Israel-Lebanon border, December 27, 2023.

IDF Spokesman in Arabic Amichay Adraee on Sunday called on Lebanese citizens who are afraid of the direction of escalation of the war Hezbollah is pulling the country, to contact the Mossad for help.


“Recently, I received many messages from Lebanese citizens, including even those who identified themselves as Hezbollah activists, expressing their fear that Hezbollah would take Lebanon to a fate similar to Gaza, following the path of ISIS and Hamas, requesting communication with Israeli parties,” Adraee tweeted.

The Lebanese independent newspaper Al-Akhbar reported last Thursday, citing Western sources, that Israel had informed the Western countries that it set March 15 as the deadline to reach a political settlement with Lebanon, and if this does not happen, Israel would escalate military operations to the point of war.

March 15 falls on the first Friday of Ramadan.

“Unfortunately, as I have repeatedly emphasized, I am not the authorized body for these trends and therefore I cannot provide you with direct solutions,” the IDF spokesman continued. “But I can direct you to Mossad’s Facebook page, which bears the blue verification mark of the page’s credibility – where you may find the most appropriate way to improve your situation.”

“I understand your desire for a better situation for your country, and I wish you all a better future and life,” Adraee concluded his message.

If the Al Akhbar information is correct, Israel expects Hezbollah, including its Radwan special force, to retreat north of the Litani River, some 28 kilometers north of the Israeli, as per the 2006 UNSC 1737 resolution.

On Sunday, Hezbollah fired 35 rockets at the Mt. Meron area. Some of the rockets were intercepted and some fell in open areas. There were no casualties The heavy barrage comes after the elimination of five terrorists in southern Lebanon in an air force attack overnight Sunday.

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