Photo Credit: Moshe Shai / Flash 90
View of the Jordan River Crossing, an international border crossing between Irbid, Jordan and Beit She'an, Israel. The crossing was opened in November 1994, and is currently one of three entry/exit points between Israel and Jordan that handles tourist crossings.

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) has denied allegations made by American-Iranian author Reza Aslan, who claimed earlier this week that he was detained at a border crossing and threatened by a Shin Bet agent.

Aslan said he was asked why he hates Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and that he was threatened he would not see his children “for a very long time.”


“Mr. Aslan, an Iranian-born foreign citizen, was questioned by the Shin Bet at the Jordanian border crossing after his behavior raised suspicions,” read Shin Bet’s statement, which continued, “After a short interrogation, Mr. Aslan was released.”

Referring to the accusations made by Aslan about the threats leveled at him as well as his opinion on Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Shin Bet said: “The claims of threats being leveled at Mr. Aslan during the interrogation, as well as the claims about any political questions, were thoroughly investigated and were found to be lacking any basis in reality.

“Shin Bet’s activity at the border crossing over the past year has lead to the thwarting of terror plots by foreigners within Israel,” the statement continued, adding that “The activities of the Shin Bet are carried out in accordance with the law and in order to fulfill the organization’s objective of maintaining the security of the state.”