Photo Credit: Yossi Zelliger / TPS
IDF tanks near Gaza. Jan 2024.

Israel’s government approved Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s 9 Billion Shekel ($2.5 billion) plan for aiding military reservists. Among the steps that will be implemented immediately are 1.5 Billion Shekels ($420 million) in grants, including 200 Million Shekels in “Red Path” compensation for the self-employed who have served in reserve duty during the war in Gaza.

Also approved were grants to parents of special-needs children, business consulting, increasing compensation for soldiers to a minimum of 300 Shekels ($48) per day.


Among the items under the second phase are across-the-board and family grants for January, an alternative for unemployment compensation and unpaid leave, and maternity leave for partners, and family and emotional support.

Under the third phase are operational deployment and home front reserves grants, family leave, social indemnification for employers, expanded household economic grants, student tuition, recreational and consumer benefits for discharged soldiers, continued special compensation for those serving over 60 days and housing assistance.

Defense Minister Gallant said, “Today, we are submitting a far-reaching plan for those serving in the reserves. We have hundreds of thousands of citizens who, at the start of the war, did not ask questions, went straight to the field, sometimes even before they were called up, and since then they have been in the south, the north, and in Judea and Samaria.”

“The reservists require three conditions,” he added. “Clear missions, military resources to carry out the missions and fair compensation. The plan that we in the Government are approving today places reservists in the center and tells them and their families: You are not alone.”


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