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Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore 'Aviation Challenge'

A Team of Israel Aerospace Industries and Singapore Technologies Engineering (STE) has won the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore “Aviation Challenge,” out of more than 20 teams from various companies that submitted proposals. The winning team presented robotic and automation systems that will increase operational productivity and capacity at Changi Airport and Cargo Terminals in Singapore, IAI announced Wednesday.


The winning team presented the CAAS with a comprehensive solution for improving baggage handling for both outgoing and incoming flights at Changi Airport. The system will improve dramatically passenger experience by reducing baggage loss and damages.

A multi-flight baggage handling system tracks, sorts and transfers each baggage item to its respective flight for loading onto Changi Airport standard Baggage Trolleys. Specially designed transfer tables that are installed on existing baggage conveyors direct each baggage item towards its designated trolley for loading.

In the second phase of the challenge, the winners presented the CAAS with a comprehensive automated innovative solution that improves build-up and breakdown of cargo Unit Load Device (ULD) pallets and containers, normally a labor-intensive process.

The automated cargo handling system aims to minimize the physical workload of cargo handlers and by that also meet the latest compliance requirements regarding personnel health and safety. Utilizing a combination of scanners, robotic manipulators and automated guided vehicles, a parallel build-up of ULDs can be achieved, potentially realizing up to a 30% reduction in the workload as compared to the current manual process.