Photo Credit: Ethan Schwartz / IsraAID
The IsraAID emergency assistance team at the Palanca border crossing with Ukraine.

The Israeli government on Sunday established a Donation and Coordination Center (Matat) with the goal of centralizing and coordinating humanitarian aid initiatives and donations by Israeli civil society to the Ukrainian people.

The initiative is to be headed by Ambassador Daniel Meron, who will serve as a special project manager for connecting Israeli civilian society with the State of Israel’s aid efforts and those of international organizations operating in Ukraine and along its borders.


There are already dozens of companies, organizations, and private individuals currently working to transfer various kinds of humanitarian aid from Israel to Ukraine.

Following many inquiries from various actors in Israel, it was decided in the Foreign Ministry to establish the “Matat” center to coordinate between the different aid efforts.

To reach the Matat center, please contact and include the type of donation or volunteering, relevant details on schedules and quantities, and contact information for coordination.

Matat is operating in parallel to the humanitarian aid provided by the State of Israel through Mashav, the State of Israel’s national aid agency, which operates from the Foreign Ministry and which is currently focusing on four major aid efforts at the direction of Foreign Minister Yair Lapid:

  • The establishment of a field hospital in coordination with the Ministry of Health and Sheba Hospital
  • Ongoing transfer of humanitarian aid (with emphasis on medicine and medical equipment)
  • Transfer of six large generators to the hospital in Lviv
  • Establishment of refugee assistance centres at border crossings where Israeli representatives are operating, with an emphasis on transferring winter gear to refugees exiting Ukraine.

The field hospital being prepared for deployment to Ukraine was packed up and ready to go on Sunday evening at Tel Hashomer’s Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv.

In addition, the Israeli government has already established refugee assistance centers at border crossings where Israeli government representatives are operating, and focusing in particular on transferring winter equipment to refugees leaving Ukraine.


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