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Jaffa (Yafo), March 2020

Amin Agbaria, 24, was shot dead on Wednesday night while walking on the streets of the coastal city of Jaffa, just south of Tel Aviv.

An MDA team that was called to the scene evacuated him in critical condition to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, where he died of his wounds after about an hour.


MDA paramedic Idan Shina said that the victim was unconscious and suffering from gunshot wounds to his body. His team evacuated him in MDA’s special intensive care unit, which operates in cooperation with Ichilov, and evacuated him to the hospital in an unstable condition while on life support.

Agbaria left behind a wife and a small child. Police are investigating the circumstances of the incident. He had no known ties to crime.

Agbaria was the 128th member of the Arab-Israeli community to die in criminal-related violence in 2021.

Earlier in the evening, an Arab man was shot and moderately injured by two assailants on the streets of the town of Deir-Hanna in the north.

Footage of the incident was published online. Two men are seen standing over the victim as he lies in the street and shooting him at point-blank.

At the end of the documented assassination attempt, the shooters get into a vehicle that was waiting for them and flee the scene. The victim was taken to hospital with moderate injuries.

A burnt vehicle was later found, believed to have been used by the shooters. Police officers who were called to the scene opened an investigation.

The residents of Kfar Deir Hanna in the Lower Galilee have recently been suffering from a severe wave of violence.

About a week ago, individuals shot a young man in his 20s inside a vehicle on the streets of Deir Hanna. This incident also took place in the middle of the street. The victim was taken to a hospital and his condition was defined as moderate.

These incidents appear to be the latest in the seemingly endless line of criminal incidents in the Arab sector.

The Arab sector has been suffering from a wave of crime and violence in recent years. Arab-Israeli society is plagued with daily incidents of violence. Over 110 Arabs were killed in criminal violence in 2020 and 128 so far in 2021, setting a new dubious record.

The police increased its activity against the plague of shootings and weapons offenses in recent years, and in 2020 arrested 5,713 suspects in shootings and other weapons crimes throughout the country, an increase of 22% compared to 2019.

The vast majority of police activity was carried out in the Arab sector, and about 90% of the suspects arrested for shooting and weapons offenses were Arab Israelis.

Approximately 85% of the indictments filed in Israel in 2020 for shooting, illegal possession of weapons, trafficking, and illegal use of weapons have been filed against suspects from the Arab society.

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