Photo Credit: Yossi Aloni/Flash90
A Jewish home that was trashed in the Arab pogrom. May 19, 2021

The Israeli police has announced that it has launched Operation Law and Order following the severe pogroms, violence, riots and attacks on Jews by Arabs in cities and areas throughout the country in the past two weeks.

Commencing on Sunday night, thousands of Border Police and reservists began a comprehensive deployment against the rioters and criminals.


It is believed that crime organizations were also involved in the violence.

Muslim rioters rampaged in cities throughout during the 11 days of Operation Guardian of the walls, attacking Jews and Jewish property, committing pogroms in tandem with Hamas’ rocket attacks on Israeli cities.

In Haifa, Lod, Acco, Tiberius and Arab towns across Israel, Muslim rioters threw rocks at Israeli motorists, set fire to cars and vandalized property, set 10 synagogues on fire, attacked Jewish pedestrians, wounding dozens of Jews, including several in serious condition.

One man was lynched and murdered by a mob in Lod.

The objective of Operation Law and Order is to bring to justice those involved in the events and the serious and nationalistic crime, possession and trade in weapons, arson, property offenses, membership in criminal organizations and economic offenses.

The operation is planned nationwide and will involve thousands of police officers, including districts and units of the Israel Police and the Border Police, reserve companies, special units, and a combination of all existing operational and technological capabilities.

The police said that the objectives of the operation include “the restoration of deterrence and increased governance in designated places in the State of Israel, along with maintaining the personal security of Israeli citizens.”

The police stated that it has made more than 1,550 arrests and filed some 150 indictments against offenders.


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Aryeh Savir is director of the International division of Tazpit News Agency.