Photo Credit: RADA Electronic Industries
RADA CRAM radar system

Israeli radar company RADA Electronic Industries announced on Monday that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with India’s Alpha Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (ADTL) defense company.

The agreement will serve to set up joint initiatives for the production, marketing, sale, adaption and support of RADA’s tactical radars in the Indian market.


ADTL employs more than 1,200 experts in production, and research and development.

“On the basis of India’s doctrines of defending its forces and air defense, RADA sees an opportunity for strategic growth in this market,” said a company statement.

The statement added that in line with the Indian government’s “Make in India” policy, RADA decided to establish a significant presence in India through cooperation with a local leading defense company. It will also offer Indian defense companies advanced tactical radars that will be adapted to their needs and produced in the country in line with the specific requirements of India’s military branches.

The systems are capable of short-range air defense, as well as countering rockets, artillery shells and missiles, while also offering active defense for armored vehicles.

“Our business is strategy is to establish a significant local presence in our key markets,” said RADA CEO Dov Sela. “India is such a [strong] market for us, and we are looking forward to beginning to build our Indian company together with our partner ADTL.”

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