Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel / Flash 90
Border Police deployed in Jerusalem.

By Jonathan Benedek

JERUSALEM (TPS) – Against the backdrop of a surge in terror attacks throughout Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu has asked top security officials over the weekend to reinforce police units in Jerusalem and throughout the rest of the country.


“I have ordered the mobilization of Border Police companies in order to restore security and order in Jerusalem and around the country,” said Netanyahu. “We will continue to do all that is necessary.”

So far, Netanyahu has authorized the mobilization of thirteen border police units in addition to three units, which were already mobilized. Police Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld spoke with TPS about these recent security measures adopted by Israel’s police.

“In general, what I can confirm is that the decision was made in order to basically tighten security and boost up security even further both in Jerusalem and the different Israeli-Arab neighborhoods as well as in the Old City,” Rosenfeld stated to TPS. “That’s a precaution being taken to prevent further attacks from taking place.”

“Search teams will be in and around Jerusalem and the different areas to carry out security measures, step up patrols, and to respond in vital points and vital spots that are very sensitive at the moment,” Rosenfeld continued. Rosenfeld told TPS that a total of 3,500 police officers have been deployed throughout Jerusalem.

Rosenfeld also referred to public disturbances in other parts of the country over the weekend. “We dealt with disturbances last night in Nazareth and in Ramlea as well,” Rosenfeld added. “Different units responded to the disturbances and the riots that took place which were on one hand they were illegal demonstrations and on the other hand they were full scale riots.”

Rosenfeld stressed that police units did not use any lethal weapons in their containment of public disturbances over the weekend. “Our police units used only non-lethal weapons to disperse rioters, mainly in Nazareth where we had to deal with that,” Rosenfeld said.


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