Photo Credit: Roni Schutzer/Flash90
A Jewish family from Yemen are airlifted to Israel in 2009.

So much for Jews living peacefully under Islamic rule.

The government of Yemen ordered that all Jews either convert to Islam or be deported, a representative of the Jewish community in Yemen told Israeli Deputy Minister Kara, according to a report by Lahav Harkov, a reporter for the JPost.


Harkov adds that the Yemenite government said if the Jews don’t convert or leave, they will no longer be protected by the government and won’t punish anyone who kills them.

There’s an estimated 180 to 350 Jews left in Yemen.



  1. report to the UN, obama, kerry, etc so they should see that it was the Jews who are the victims of Arab perfidy and not the philistines who seek their safety in Israel.
    We should learn from the Arabs to expell the Arabs from Israel in reprocity and get restitution.

  2. Yemen now told its pitiful handful of Jews left in the country, to convert, leave or die. So much for the myth that Jews could live peacefully in Muslim countries. So much for the myth that Islam is a religion of peace. There is no peace under Muslim rule, for Christians or Jews. 800,000 Jews have been forced out of Muslim countries, and their assets confiscated. The Muslim countries are apartheid. They engage in ethnic cleansing. Israel, in contrast, has Arab citizens who vote, who get social services, who sit in the Knesset or parliament, and who are on staff in hospitals, schools, etc. One is even on the Israeli Supreme Court. Israel is not apartheid, and Zionism is not racism. Israel does not engage in ethnic cleansing as it has been accused. The Big Lie is alive and well with antisemites and those who are anti-Israel.

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