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Haredi man wearing a protective face mask study Torah at the Rashbi Tomb in Meron, May 01, 2020.

The recent coronavirus infection rate in the Haredi neighborhoods of Jerusalem far outstrips other sectors of the city, according to a Sunday afternoon report in Kikar Hashabbat.

In Jerusalem, on Sunday, out of the total number of patients, 1,130 are from the Haredi sector, 119 from the Arab sector, and the rest, 259, are from the general public.


The area with the leading number of patients in Jerusalem is Kiryat Belz (which includes Kiryat Sanz), where there are about 200 residents infected with the Corona virus: 101 are isolated in their homes in the neighborhood, and 70 have recovered from the virus.

In second place is the Ezrat Torah neighborhood, where 244 residents were infected. 140 of them have recovered, and as of today, about 85 patients are in their homes, refusing to go out to a quarantine hotel.

In the Ramot neighborhood, 306 residents were infected, most of them have recovered. To date, 68 coronavirus patients are in home isolation. The Ramat Shlomo neighborhood also has 68 patients in home isolation.

Overall in Israel, only 8 new patients were diagnosed with the coronavirus on Sunday, while 41 have recovered. One person died Sunday morning. 103 are considered in critical condition, out of whom 82 are on artificial ventilators.

Around the world there have been 3,506,360 cases as of Sunday; 245,193 deaths; and 1,129,780 recorded recoveries.

The United States has recorded 335 new cases as of Sunday morning, with 4 deaths. The overall number of coronavirus infections in the US has reached 1,161,109. 67,448 people have died, 173,725 recovered.

There were no new cases and no deaths as of Sunday morning in New York State.

Georgia has seen 157 new cases Sunday; California has 64 new cases and 4 deaths.


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