Photo Credit: Reuters Tweet
How Reuters failed at reporting the terror attack on June 16, 2017

The Reuters headline following the terror attack that murdered Hadas Malka and wounded 4 other people in Jerusalem said:

“Three Palestinians killed after attacking Israeli officers”


Continuing to get the focus of the story wrong, Reuters later “corrected” the headline in the article:

“Three Palestinians shot dead after killing Israeli officer”

BBC also used a similar headline and Donald Trump Jr. condemned them for their misleading wording.

The BBC’s headline was even worse.

BBC wrote: “Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem”

Trump tweeted back, “You mean after they stabbed a female Israeli police officer to death… right? This is as close to being misleading as possible.”

BBC changed their headline after PM Netanyahu had the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemn the BBC headline.

The BBC headline was then corrected to: “Israeli policewoman stabbed to death in Jerusalem.”