Photo Credit: JCAP
Rabbi Steven Pruzansky and Chaim Silberstein of JCAP at the US capital.

In a significant show of support for Israel amidst ongoing conflict, Juan Luis Manzur, former Chief of the Cabinet Ministers and Health Minister of Argentina, has pledged to work towards moving his country’s embassy to Jerusalem. Manzur, who currently serves as an Argentine senator, made this commitment during a meeting last Thursday with representatives from the Jerusalem Center for Applied Policy (JCAP).

“I promise to work together with the new Argentinian ambassador to Israel to realize the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem,” Senator Manzur stated during discussions on Israel’s complex geopolitical situation. The meeting included JCAP Chairman Chaim Silberstein and Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, a senior researcher at the center.


This declaration aligns with the recent promise made by Argentina’s new President, Javier Milei, who vowed to relocate the embassy shortly after his election several months ago. Notably, Manzur’s support transcends party lines, as he is a member of the opposition.

Silberstein commented on the significance of this bipartisan support: “Although Senator Manzur is a member of the opposition, he identifies with the new president’s policy on this issue and demonstrated what a true friend of Israel he is.” He added, “We came to Washington to promote the affairs of Israel and Jerusalem in the international arena and were happy to receive a very warm reception, a listening ear, and a genuine desire to support Israel in its just struggle against radical Islam.”

The meeting, which took place in Washington D.C., was also attended by Rabbi David Lau, the Chief Rabbi of Israel, who knows Senator Manzur well and was on a brief visit to the U.S. capital.

Chief Rabbi Lau with Argentine Senator Juan Luis Manzur.

This development comes as a positive sign for Israel’s international relations, showcasing growing support even as the nation faces ongoing challenges. The potential move of Argentina’s embassy to Jerusalem would follow the precedent set by the United States and a handful of other nations, further legitimizing Israel’s claim to the city as its capital.

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