Photo Credit: Noam Mcaitan / Tapp
Old City of Jerusalem emergency vehicle. Nov. 3, 2022

A terrorist was neutralized near the Temple Mount on Thursday morning, around 9:15 AM, in a stabbing attack that took place near the Temple Mount and Hagi Street, near the Iron Gate.


One Israeli policeman, age 30, was lightly to moderately wounded in the back by the terrorist who stabbed him, according to MDA. A second policeman was also lightly wounded by the stabber, according to the police. A third policeman, age 25, was lightly wounded when he was shot in the leg by one of the two policeman who shot and neutralized the terrorist. The terrorist is dead.

The policemen were taken to Sharei Zedek Medical Center for treatment.

All the gates to the Temple Mount have been closed.


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