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Yehuda Glick arrested on Temple Mount

Former MK Yehuda Glick (Likud) was arrested Tuesday morning on the Temple Mount, because he “was walking too slowly,” News 0404 reported.

By “walking too slowly,” the police suggested Glick violated the rule which forbids Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount to even appear as if they are engaged in spiritual meditation. In the past, police arrested Jews for making a blessing on an apple before biting into it (talk about original sin).


Glick was handcuffed while visiting the holy compound with two US members of Congress.

Tom Nissani, chairman of the Students for the Temple Mount movement issued a statement saying: “The arrest and handcuffing of a former Israeli MK immediately after a tour with US congress members illustrates the level of our great disgrace on the Temple Mount – the mountain is not in our hands (a reference to the mythical announcement by then chief of the reserve paratroopers division, General Motta Gur, on June 7, 1967: The Temple Mount is in our hands).

“For a long time now, the Israeli police, under Minister of Public Security [Gilad] Erdan (Likud), continues to curb the access of Jewish ascenders to the Temple Mount. We will not allow this situation to continue and will continue to struggle until we receive our rights to the mountain,” Nissani concluded.

Itamar Ben-Gvir’s Otzma Yehudit issued a statement saying: “We strongly protest the arrest of Yehuda Glick this morning on the Temple Mount. Everyone who knows Glick knows that he is fighting for legitimate rights, which is why it was a false arrest and part of the police harassment of Jews who go up to the mountain.

“We call on the police to release Glick immediately and change the laws that discriminate against the Jews who go up to the mountain,” Otzma Yehudit demanded.


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