Photo Credit: Courtesy Rafael
Clockwise: Rafael's Thor, Derby, Mini Typhoon, and Spyder SR

Rafael is participating at Defexpo 2018 in India, and has revealed the systems it plans to display.

Defexpo India 2018, the tenth in a series of biennial Land, Naval and Internal Homeland Security Systems Exhibition, will be held at Arulmigu Nithyakalyana Perumal Temple, Thiruvidanthai, Thiruporur Taluk, Kancheepuram, East Coast Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India from April 11 to 14. Defexpo India prides itself on “clearly steering the path of steady growth” in the business of killing enemies. The 2016 exhibition was attended by 63 delegations from 58 countries.


Rafael is presenting the following systems:

Air Defense:

  • IRON DOME – Combat-Proven active defense system against Short Range Artillery Rockets, mortars and UAV’s with more than 1700 combat interceptions.
  • SPYDER SR/MR – Family of Short and Medium Range Air Defense systems using the I-Derby and Python-5 missiles.
  • C-DOME – a Naval Defense System designed to effectively protect combat vessels against a large set of modern threats, using the combat-proven Iron Dome interceptor.

Precise, Tactical EO Missiles:

  •  SPIKE FAMILY – Spike SR, LR/MR, LR2, ER, NLOS – Airborne, precise, multi-purpose tactical missiles, for ranges of 1.5 km-30 km, with 29 customers and 29,000 missiles delivered.

Armor Protection:

  • TROPHY – Combat-proven Active Protection System for armored platforms (heavy, medium and light weight vehicles). Trophy is the only operational, combat-proven armor APS in the world, installed on the Israeli Merkava tanks and on the NAMER APC’s. Trophy is the US Army’s declared choice of APS for its M1A1 MBT’s.


  • BNET SDR FAMILY – Broadband MANET IP Software-Defined Radio for ground and air applications.

Soft-Kill Naval Vessel Protection:

  • SEWS-DV – Digital shipborne electronic warfare suite.
    C-GEM – Shipborne Off-Board Active Decoy against current and new generation anti-ship missiles.

Drone Detection and Neutralization System:

  • DRONE DOME – an innovative end-to-end system designed to detect, track, and neutralize drones either by jamming their communication or destroying them using a laser beam.

Remote-Controlled Weapon Stations:

  • SAMSON RWS – Remote Weapon Station (RWS) Family, offered in six land configurations and two naval configurations (Typhoon and Mini-Typhoon Weapon Stations).

Underwater Systems:

  • FLOATLINK – Submarine Navigation & Communication buoy.
  • TORBUSTER – Combined Soft Kill / Hard Kill Torpedo Decoy, Torbuster is the only known active hard-kill torpedo defence system in the world.

Electro-Optical Systems:

  • SEA SPOTTER – Naval IR Staring and Tracking system (IRST)
  • TOPLITE EOS – Electro-Optical Surveillance, Observation & Targeting System

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