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Brig. Gen. Amir Vadmani

Until recently, Hesder yeshiva students were kept out of IDF special service units such as Sayeret Matkal, Shayetet 13, and Duvdevan because of an HR rule forcing soldiers on the Hesder track during their unpaid service period who wanted to enlist for the special forces to give up the Hesder track without knowing if they were accepted in the commando units.

But a new IDF HR document cited by Kipa (בסיירות רוצים יותר דתיים: צה”ל יקל על תלמידי ישיבות הסדר במיונים ליחידות המיוחדות) radically changes those guidelines. Titled, “Updating the Formulation Policy for Units Sorting Hesder Track Soldiers,” the document, which was distributed to HR commanders responsible for recruiting Hesder soldiers, details the guidelines allowing Hesder soldiers to access the sorting process without signing a waiver of their Hesder track. It also details the cases in which they will be forced to sign a waiver and switch to full, and sometimes extended military service.

Updating the Formulation Policy for Units Sorting Hesder Track Soldiers.

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