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Beit HaCherut (the House of Liberty) in Hebron.

The Jewish community of Hebron just purchased and redeemed another home in Hebron on Thursday. The building is located near Beit Hamachpelah.

The building is being called the “House of Liberty” or Beit Cheirut in Hebrew. The owners sold the house a year ago, and then fled the Palestinian Authority so not to be tortured or murdered for having sold the building to Jews.


The building is located just outside the security limits of the small Israeli section in Hebron, and the residents have placed metal staircase to pass the blockade that the IDF placed there years ago. IDF soldiers are protecting new residents.

Jews are only allowed into approximately 20% of the city and they are allowed to live in an even smaller part of that area. The rest is controlled by the Palestinian Authority, though Hamas is heavily embedded in the Arab controlled area of the city.

The Peace Now organization, which is opposed to Jews’ presence in Hebron, stated that “this settlement should be evicted before it is established. It doesn’t matter if they bought the house or not, this is an illegal settlement for all intents and purposes.” Interestingly, that kind of discrimination against Jews being allowed to buy property is reminiscent of Apartheid.

Eliyahu Liebman, head of the Kiryat Arba-Hebron Council, stated that with “another house, another meter and another room, Kiryat Arba-Hebron is expanding today with another house purchased legally, Jewish families lived in this house as Jews lived in this area in the past.”

“We have returned to our lands, we will return and buy more houses and more land to Jewishize the area, we are not afraid to say it,” he declared.

He thanked and congratulated “all those involved in the holy work, especially the Harchivi Mekom Ohalich association which purchased the house and is working around the clock to return more and more homes to the Jews.”

The Harchivi organization has worked in the past decade to purchase homes from Arabs in Hebron.

Israeli organizations have previously purchased buildings in Hebron, including Beit Hatkuma (House of Revival) and Beit HaShalon (House of Peace), often situated at strategic locations..

Hebron was the first capital of King David, and is the location of Ma’arat HaMachpelah, the tomb of the Jewish people’s patriarchs and matriarchs. With the exception of right after the the Arab’s massacre of the Jewish community of Hebron in 1929, Jews have been living uninterrupted in Hebron for thousands of years.

Hebron residents take ownership over Beit HaMachpela on July 25 2017

Content by Aryeh Savir/TPS was used in this report.


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