Photo Credit: TPS / Chaim Bleicher
Soldiers running to the scene of a ramming attack in Hebron. July 17, 2017

There was a possible ramming attack in Hebron just after 9 PM on Monday. The attack happened near Beit Romano.

No soldiers were injured in the attack.


An initial investigation indicates that the driver was driving suspiciously and did not listen to the soldiers’ orders to stop. The driver then sped up and the soldiers shot in the air. The driver continued to drive fast towards the soldiers and they opened fire directly at the vehicle.

The driver was captured, unharmed, at around 9:30 PM, and has been brought in for interrogation.

The event happened in the kasbah and not in the nearby Jewish neighborhood.

Earlier in the evening, Arabs were rioting outside the Temple Mount, near the Lions Gate, protesting the metal detectors that were installed.