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The funeral of Matan Elmaliach Hy’d who was murdered by a terrorist near Maale Adumim, February 21, 2024.

On Wednesday, The Jewish Press reported about the approval of a new settlement in Gush Etzion named Mishmar Yehuda, which was announced by the Commander of the Central Command, General Yehuda Fox. This was a rare gift from the general, who is not enamored with the settler community, and it was, as Gush Etzion Mayor Shlomo Ne’eman put it, “An enormous gift for the residents of Gush Etzion.”

“It is our best answer to terrorism and to those who want to deprive us of our ancestral land,” Ne’eman continued. “This is our answer to extremists who want to remove us from the place where our forefathers trod. This is also our answer to the nations of the world. We will continue onwards and strengthen Gush Etzion with more residents, more schools, more roads, and more kindergartens. Together we will triumph.”


News13 reported Wednesday night that the government plans to declare on Thursday as state-owned land the areas near Maale Adumim where a week ago an Arab terrorist sprayed with his bullets motorists who were stuck in a traffic jam on the highway, killing one and injuring 13, including a pregnant woman. Once the land is state-owned, the process of establishing a legal Jewish settlement can begin.

The State Supreme Planning Commission is also expected to announce the construction of 3,500 housing units in Maale Adumim and Gush Etzion, the municipalities on either end of the intersection where the vile murder took place.

In addition, according to News13, Israel will declare as state-owned land 1,730 acres in the Jordan Valley.

All three actions have already been approved by PM Netanyahu and his cabinet, calling them “an answer to terrorism.”


The operational principle behind the move to acquire new lands in the areas where Arab terrorists committed murder is borne by the fact that Islamic fanatics are not afraid to lose their lives, they also don’t fear hunger or living in misery – their response is astonishingly stoic to all those hardships. But the one thing they will not give up is land, especially land which, according to their distorted yardstick, has been liberated by the gushing armies of 7th century Arabia.

Osama bin Laden sits with Deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri, November 8, 2001. / Hamid Mir

To remind you, following the September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda attack on the US, Ossama Bin Laden’s second in command, Egyptian physician Ayman al-Zawahiri issued a recording in which he declared that his group “seeks revenge against the gang leaders of global unbelief, the United States, Russia, and Israel. It demands the blood price for the martyrs, the mothers’ grief, the deprived orphans, the suffering prisoners, and the torments of those who are tortured everywhere in the Islamic lands-from Turkistan in the east to Andalusia.”

Andalusia was the Arab name for the Spanish peninsula from which they were expelled by the Christian armies in the 14th century. It made no difference to al-Zawahiri that Spain had been Catholic since the 1300s – to him, it was part of the caliphate.

And so, the only effective way to punish al-Zawahiri’s ilk is by taking away their land, piece by piece, and establishing Jewish life where they aimed to spread death. This has been our way in the Land of Israel since the start of the Zionist enterprise: you kill, we build. That’s the proper Zionist response.


Peace Now issued an acerbic response, declaring, “Today it is already clear that the settlements are a security burden and an obstacle to any future solution in the region. Unfortunately, an extreme and irresponsible government that lost the people’s trust a long time ago harms security and carries out a political attack against the Israeli public, and in front of our friends who are helping Israel in its difficult time, led by the United States.”

Except that by now there’s a consensus across the board in Israel, that without the settlements, especially along the seamline with the Palestinian Authority and its terrorist enclaves of Jenin, Shechem, Qalqilya, and Tulkarem, the same Hamas Murderers would have been able to walk into Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Raanana, Hadera, and Afula. Talk about living on October 6.

“The only way to restore security is through striving to end the conflict, and promoting a comprehensive solution to end the war, the purpose of which is two states for both peoples,” Peace Now declared.

Matthew Miller at the State Dept. was asked about the Zionist response thing on Wednesday and answered: “My only response is that we are going to continue to be very direct with the Government of Israel, both privately and publicly, that we think that their settlement program is both an obstacle to peace and inconsistent with international law.”

Yes, see, now the settlements are not only an obstacle before President Biden’s vision, which is, really, the Peace Now vision of Jews living side by side with imaginary, peace-loving “Palestinians” – as of a few days ago, the settlements are back to being illegal. In other words, according to the White House, Jews are allowed to live wherever they choose, except in Biblical Israel.

So keep doing the Zionist thing, exactly as Peace Now put it: “In front of our friends who are helping Israel in its difficult time, led by the United States.”


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