Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90
One of three large banners showing people wearing protective masks in Habima sqaure, Tel Aviv.

The Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality overnight Friday decorated the city’s famous Hitromemut (rising) sculpture by Menashe Kadishman in Habima Square with images of figures wearing face masks.

Large banners showing people wearing protective masks in Habima sqaure in Tel Aviv. / Tal Almog

The initiative is part of the city’s continuing efforts to encourage the general public to wear face masks, protect public health, and reduce infection rates.


The overnight move joins a series of educational and enforcement measures taken by the Tel-Aviv Yafo municipality in recent months, ensuring that Health Ministry guidelines are accessible to residents and visitors to the city in various languages, including Hebrew, English, Arabic, and Tigrinya (an Ethiopic language).

The same Kadishman sculpture dressed on Purim, 2016. / YouTube screenshot.

Among these activities, the municipality has distributed posters around the city, utilized public address systems and loudspeakers, produced online videos, used public billboards, partnered with the Israel Scouts to distribute face masks, worked with community leaders, and enforced Purple Tags public health standards.

Note: the video assigned the sculpture to a different Israeli artist, Yigal Tomarkin, who has, much like Kadishman, covered Israel’s public spaces with his works. But it’s Kadishman’s,


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