Photo Credit: Yoli Schwartz / Israel Antiquities Authority
An ancient stone lavatory that was most likely used by one of the dignitaries of Jerusalem.

Beyadenu – Returning to the Temple Mount submitted an official complaint with Israel Police through their attorney Daniel Shimshilashvili demanding that non-Muslim ascenders be permitted to use the restrooms on the Temple Mount.

For years, non-Muslims have been segregated and forced to enter the Temple Mount through only one of the nine gates at the site. For Jews, their time is limited by an ever-present police escort from the moment they enter the single gate on the south side of the plaza.


Non-Muslims have special restrictions on the Temple Mount; because of their religious and ethnic backgrounds, they are not permitted to use the bathrooms on the Temple Mount, and until recently were also barred from using the water fountains of the sacred compound. Non-Muslims are also forbidden from eating food while visiting the Temple Mount, lest a Jew end up making a blessing on an apple, for which the police have cuffed and detained a Jewish teenager a while back.

Beyadenu CEO Tom Nisani said: “We cannot live in a country where violating human dignity is so commonplace. Restrictions of movement, freedom of expression, and access to specific ethnicities and religions happen every day on the Temple Mount.

“We will act to change this reality by enlisting the Jewish people to fight for the Temple Mount to change this reality, one ugly policy at a time,” Nisan said.


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