For the first time: A group of Jewish ascenders entered the Temple Mount through the Gate of the Tribes in the northern part of the compound

A group of Jewish worshipers ascended this morning (Sunday) through the Gate of the Tribes in the northern part of the Mount.


The group entered through the Gate of the Tribes and was escorted by a Temple Mount officer, after some worshipers in the groups were removed through the same gate.

Allowing Jews to enter through this gate is very significant because this is the gate that the Paratroopers entered in order to liberate the Temple Mount in 1967. Jews are normally restricted to entering the Temple from the Mughrabi (Hallel) Gate.

Tom Nisani, CEO of Beyadenu for the Temple Mount said: “Jewish entry this morning through the Gate of the Tribes shows that there is no justification for the threats and claims that if we exercise our sovereignty and basic freedoms on the Mount, terrible things will happen. This morning, Jews entered through the Gate of the Tribes smoothly and without any problems. This precedent should be first implemented on special occasions when many Jews ascend the Mount through the Hallel Gate, which can’t contain all of them. It is a positive development”.

As expected, Hamas called this a “dangerous escalation,” according to blogger Abu Ali Express.

At first Arab social media channels didn’t really understand what was going on, claiming that Jews only left the compound through the gate, but after the attached video surfaced they corrected themselves, claiming that Jews both entered and left the compound through this gate (through which Israeli-Arab Knesset members usually enter the Temple Mount), Abu Ali explained.

A Hamas spokesman addressed the “issue” with a statement, referring to the “incident” as a dangerous escalation. The statement also noted the recent incidents in which “extremist women posed on the mountain in immodest clothing”, is yet another example of recent growing Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa.


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