Following the reports of Jews dressing up as Muslims and going up to the Temple Mount and praying, the Islamic Waqf are trying to identify the disguised Jews to prevent their entrance onto the Jewish people’s holiest location.

Last week, Arab media outlets in Jerusalem showed a video of a man they claimed was one of those disguised Jew and celebrated their seeing through his thin disguise, due to his poor Arabic and lack of familiarity with Islam, blocking his access to the Temple Mount.


Except as Abu Ali Express pointed out, the supposedly disguised Jew was actually a French Muslim of Pakistani descent, who has a doctorate from Bourbon University in France in collaboration with the Hebrew University.

Abu Ali Express says that on the Arabic media they are blaming the Jews for their paranoia, after “the “Jews’ media channels” published articles about extremists trying to sneak into Al-Aqsa disguised as Muslims.”


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