Photo Credit: The Temple Institute
Look at all the beautiful ‘settlers storming the Temple Mount,’ July 21, 2022.

Beyadenu reports that an all-time record number of Jews ascended to the Temple Mount in 5782. A total of 51,254 Jews ascended the Temple Mount this year. For the sake of comparison, in 5779, a total of 29,420 Jews ascended the Temple Mount. In 5780 (corona year), there were 22,367, and in 5781, a total of 25,582 Jews ascended the Temple Mount.

Beyadenu also reports that this year the record number of ascenders to the Temple Mount was broken in one day, on Jerusalem Day 5782. 2,626 Jews ascended the Temple Mount, on a day when hundreds more remained outside the Temple Mount due to the authorities’ lack of preparation to receive the many ascenders to the Mount, and the failure to extend the hours of the pilgrimage and the gates of the pilgrimage to the Mount.


During the year 5782, about 30 pre-military preparatory schools went up to the Temple Mount, of which about 20 went up under the guidance and direction of Beyadenu. Over 1,000 ascenders to the Temple Mount received guidance from Beyadenu guides during the year.

The month in which the most Jews ascended the mountain in the past year was the month of Tishrei, in which a total of 6,102 Jews ascended the mountain, followed by the month of Av with 5,833 ascenders, followed by Iyar with 5,766 ascenders to the Mount in one month.

The Temple Mount is the Jewish people’s holiest site, it was the site of the first two Temples, and will be the site of the Third Temple.


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