The IDF military court in Judea on Monday sentenced Sabahan Alttiti, a terrorist who murdered Avraham Hassano about five years ago, to life in prison.

Alttiti was also ordered to compensate the Hassano family with NIS 1.8 million.


During the hearing, members of the Hassano family shouted at the terrorist and his family, and were removed from the court hall, and Hassano’s wife Ruth fainted during the commotion and was treated at the scene.

Haim Blicher, a lawyer with the Honeinu human rights organization who accompanied the Hassano family, stated after the verdict that a life sentence “is a minimum, it is time these terrorists no longer live among us.”

Hassano, a 54-year-old resident of Kiryat Arba, was murdered in October 2015 when an Arab hit him with his truck as he was inspecting the damage caused to his car by stone-throwing Arabs at the al-Fawwar junction. Alttiti drag Hassano for 37 meters.

The terrorist turned himself into Palestinian Authority security forces shortly afterward, claiming that he had hit Hassano by accident.

The Har Hebron residents committee renamed the site “the Avraham junction” in his honor.

The terrorist was initially charged with manslaughter, but following a fierce protest by the Hassano family, the charge of manslaughter was replaced with the more severe charge of deliberate aggravated manslaughter, an offense corresponding with the civilian charge of murder, of which he was convicted.

Leah Hassano, Abraham’s daughter, shared the family’s coping with the loss. In a personal letter, Leah described “what it feels like when the ground falls from under my feet, when the family breaks down into pieces, shards of pain, uncertainty.”

Leah described how her mother, Ruth, had to support seven children alone.

“The pain that pierces my heart when I see my son asleep with a picture of grandpa, after four and a half years,” she wrote.

Her fathers’ “teachings and his way were through grace and love. We didn’t learn to hate, it destroys the soul…No hate will fill our hearts,” she wrote.


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