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Chairman of the Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee MK Simcha Rothman, May 29, 2023.

Chairman of the Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee MK Simcha Rothman on Wednesday morning clashed with the representative of the Courts Administration, Attorney Hagit Avraham Becher in a special debate on the conflict-of-interest rules that apply to judges. During the hearing, Rotman refused to allow Becher to continue her presentation, until she eventually decided to leave the room.


Representative Becher was responding to allegations made against Supreme Court President Esther Hayut who insisted on participating in the panel that heard petitions against the reasonability clause amendment even though Hayut in January spoke in great detail against the same amendment.

Becher argued: “The Public Complaints Commissioner rejected all the allegations against President Hayut. The motives for the recirculation of these allegations are now irrelevant and their goal is to damage the public’s trust in the courts.”

At that point, an angry MK Rothman interrupted her and demanded, “What right do you even have to deal with our motives? Are you legally authorized to do this? Have you undergone psychological training regarding the motives of Knesset members, and do you think this is your role?”

The Chairman refused to let the court’s spokeswoman continue, and stated, “I demand that you apologize, this is unbecoming impudence. You crossed a line here.”

Rothman refused to allow Becher to read the court administration’s response to his committee’s allegations and ordered the ushers to remove her microphone until she apologized. Later, Rothman threatened to file an ethical complaint against Becher.

It’s a rare phenomenon, but every once in a while, the folks I voted for do the right thing, and with a relish, which makes me happy. Thank you, MK Rothman, this voter approves.

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