Photo Credit: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90
The Paula Rehavia high school in Jerusalem where 11 students and 7 staff members have been diagnosed with Covid-19. May 31, 2020

The 2000 students at the “Beit Sefer HaTichon Harav Techumi” in Hadera have been sent into quarantine after a 7th grade student tested positive for coronavirus. Authorities will be trying to determine which students and teachers the student came in contact with.

A teacher in a Be’er Sheva school has shown coronavirus symptoms, and is awaiting test results. An elementary school in Be’er Sheva was sent into 24 hour lockdown, after a student’s mother tested positive for coronavirus. The teacher in the first school, is the aunt of the student from the second school.


A staff member for a group of day care centers in Bat Yam was confirmed infected. 13 students from multiple centers have been sent into quarantine and for testing. 5 staff members have also been sent into quarantine.

A teacher in a school in Rahat has coronavirus.

A student at the Amital school in Jerusalem has tested positive for coronavirus. Several staff members, and a number of classes in her grade have been sent into quarantine.

A teacher at the Ofek school in Givat Zeev has Coronavirus. 278 students and 35 teachers have been sent into quarantine. The school has been closed down.

A first-grader in a school in Kibbutz Tzarah has tested positive. Her class and 7 teachers have been sent into quarantine.

The Himmelfarb high school has decided to closed its doors for 3 days over concern that students may have come in contact with infected individuals, and over concern with the number of infections at other Jerusalem schools.

The Gymnasia HaIvrit school is now up to 160 confirmed infections.

At present there are hundreds of confirmed infections in at least 17 Jerusalem schools.

A music video was recently released from inside an elementary school in Efrat, and in the video a number of students can be seen not wearing masks and not social distancing. There are no reports yet of coronavirus infections in any Efrat schools.


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