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Tons of materials that were produced for the election campaigns will be recycled and reused for toilet paper and other products.

Flyers, posters and ballots are just some of the materials that parties give out before and during every election day. The materials produce tons of trash, but they will not go to waste as the Negev Ecology recycling company will collect and sort the publicity materials and transfer them to the company’s various recycling facilities.


The paper materials will be transferred to Ofakim, where it is compacted into cubes. The company passes the bales to the Shniv Paper Industries plant, where they produce rolls of toilet paper that are then sold at the markets.

The plastic materials, publicity materials and advertising printed on sheets made of polyethylene will be transferred to the Negev Recycling plant located in Kibbutz Sufa, near the Gaza Strip. The materials will be recycled into raw plastic flakes that can be reused for irrigation pipe and plastic chairs.

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