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Banias Falls, Feb. 7, 2023.

As winter storm Barbra hit Israel, Israelis witnessed flooding in cities following the rains. The causes are familiar by now: old drainage infrastructures that cannot withstand the load of a lot of precipitation in a short time.


Add to that the intensive construction of the past decade, as thousands of housing units cover the open areas without proper planning that takes above and below-ground streams into account, and you end up watching from your porch the family car floating merrily into the intersection.

At the same time, who could suppress his or her excitement at the sight of Israel’s rivers filling up and rushing downstream in Niagara-falls fashion? We just received from the Israel Nature and Parks Authority two amazing videos that will surely gladden your heart even as you’re calling a tow truck to drag your car back home.

A car stuck in a flooded street after heavy rainfall in the city of Lod, January 16, 2022. / Yossi Aloni/Flash90

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