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Members of the General Union of Palestine Students made and used these stencils at a celebration on Nov. 7, 2013, at San Francisco State University.

• San Francisco State University, March 2014: Professors hosted an official department event to inform students about a recent Middle East trip where they met with multiple individuals affiliated with US State Department-designated terrorist organizations responsible for the murder of numerous Jews worldwide.

“As you embark on your important task, we hope that you will make the issue of antisemitism at California colleges and universities part of your agenda and ensure California’s campuses are safe and welcoming environments for Jewish students,”  wrote Rossman-Benjamin in her remarks.


AMCHA Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to investigating, documenting, educating about, and combating antisemitism at institutions of higher education in America.


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  1. That’s because Jewish Students study and seek to do Well, whereas the rest play Video Games and spend their time trying to figure out how to get out of Taking Care of Business. Then, they resent the other students’ Successes and want to blame it on them being Jewish instead of on themselves being Irresponsible and Lazy.

  2. I’ve had the Misfortune of working with some Modern Young People. They were a Nightmare who only care about themselves and couldn’t find Palestine on a map if their lives depended on it. They sure don’t give a Rodent’s Behind about anyone’s Rights but their own. I stand by my Original Comment.

  3. We have had the same here in the UK universities,nothing to do with Palestine for you antisemite out there,too many Muslims kids in universities who love to hate,and Jews are first on their agenda coupled with some antisemitic teachers fueling their stupid rhetoric.

  4. Troll Elmer- I’m much more concerned with all the human rights violations from the spread of sharia. Women being burned with acid, gang rapes where the courts punish the Victems, marrying little girls to old men. Israel picks up and treats the injured Syrians who wander in while Palastinians shoot them. Israel could turn them away, the two countries are officially at war. But Israel doesn’t hate the Syrian or Iranian peoples. But they are not going to march into the sea either. If the Palastinians put down their arms there would be peace, if the Israelis put down their arms there would be no Israel.

  5. i agree very much. the schools today brainwash children they took god out of our schools and they want them to be ungodly. california surely needs to address this anti semitism asap. i bet if it was about muslims they would have already did something.

  6. Chikamori Mukai is apparently unaware of what is being said by the people described in the article — which is that Jews should NOT be readmitted to Israel that those who have come back to their promised land are colonizer,and that they and the people who support and defend them should be killed. (It's a little odd that Chikamori Mukai is unaware of that, since the article describes it, but there you are.) These views are both anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist. Jews and Judaism have prayed for and revolved around the hope for the reconstitution of Jewish sovereignty, in what is now Israel, consistently for 2000 years, since the Jews were driven out of their country by the Romans. Being anti-Zionist is being anti-Semitic.

    Chikamori Mukai is apparently also unaware that the Arab "refugees" who had been in israel before 1948 and left, fled a war of their own community's creation, and they did so to make it easier for their brothers (and themselves) to kill Jews.

    No-one is calling for the reunification of greater India, realizing that Muslims and Hindus need to be legally separated in order for there to be anything close to peace. The same is true for Jews and Muslims.

    And the same is true of Muslims and Christians, in numerous African countries and probably soon in numerous European countries. And for that matter, the same is true of Shia Muslim and Sunni Muslims, not to mention either of those groups and several other flavors of Islam, all of which happily murder one another if there aren't any Jews or Christians around to slaughter or oppress.

    Can Chikamori Mukai spot a pattern here? And if that pattern is hard to find, spend a few minutes dipping into the river of hatred flowing through the Muslim world, on display at MEMRI and Palestinian Media Watch. Anyone who invited the people spewing this insanity into his their own country should have head examined — as the French will either learn, or be destroyed for failing to learn, and the residents of Belgium, and Sweden, etc.

  7. We must stand strong and united. Only language these people understand is that we are prepared to defend ourselves. No more being pushed around by terrorist supporters. Report professors and administrators to authorities, police and media. Fight fire with fire. Use signs like "My heroes have always killed terrorists." Start by concentrating on campuses of UCLA DAVIS and San Francisco State University were the most incidents happen.

  8. The Jews are their worst enemies. The only thing that could happen to improve the situation is for Jews to boycott the UC System by not donating any money or by sending their children to any UC campus. It seems by nature the Jews are Left Wing and stray towards groups that wish to destroy them. I guess they believe in martyrdom 24/7 and don't really care if there is another holocaust as they appear not to have learned anything from the recent holocaust.

  9. Dear Cody Flecker ,
    Jews are NOT all left wing. Jew hatred is NOT normal because we look like the goyim (members of the nations). It is G-d forcing the US Jews to come home to Israel. The Golus (exile) is NOT supposed to be comfortable. So the US Jews who get the message will survive and thrive and the ones who don't, will not. As far as the college is concerned, sue them out of existence. How do you hurt a rich person? Take away their money.

  10. My position is to get rid of all these muslims that have violent terrorist DNA. That is what Spain did with the Carib cannibals. The Tainos were happy for that. No one would eat them anymore.

  11. No appeasement will bring any peace with those who have sworn to destroy Israel. There are already over 22 Arab dictatorships, so we don't need another CORRUPT regime inside Israel. PLO Liars and criminals should have been destroyed. When Israel had that opportunity in Lebanon the U.S. Britain & Russia came in and threatrened Israel and they exiled the murderer Arafat to Libya until the traitors of OSLO brought them all into Israel in 1993 ( Thanks to Clinton). It is time for Israel to ANNEX ALL the territories re-captured from JORDAN in 1967, including the TEMPLE MOUNT.
    You cannot talk with your enemies who still want to destroy the nation given BY GOD to the 13 tribes of Jacob as a perpetual INHERITANCE

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