“Dozens of Jewish Americans rush to protect a Jewish store in Pico-Robertson in LA after an antisemitic mob began attacking Jews outside,” Oli London tweeted on Sunday.


The Beverly Hills Bagel Co. at 8947 West Pico in LA, is owned by Mendel Goldman, who “brought his 35 years of experience in the restaurant and catering company to create the first bagel shop offering New York style mezonot bagels, now allowing the Los Angeles community to quickly grab their bagel sandwiches with ease.”

Mike Netter tweeted: In just a single weekend, this weekend, in Los Angeles alone, a synagogue was blocked (Pro-Hamas Rioters Clash with Jews at LA’s Adas Torah Synagogue), Jews physically restrained from entering it, and an antisemitic mob began attacking Jews outside a Jewish store in the Pico-Robertson district of town.

“This is not about a relatively minor conflict happening halfway around the world,” Netter continued. “These people have nothing to do with that. This is about normalizing racist attacks against one particular race. What is most surprising is the deafening silence coming from everywhere. Be honest, if this were happening to black people, would you be speaking up right about now?”

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