Nearly 650 Pounds of Matzah Shipped to Gulf Jews

“It is very exciting to see such demand for Passover programming in the Gulf this year.”

Jerusalem Kashrut Supervisors Force ‘Crave’ Restaurant to Rename Lamb Bacon Dish

Ah, if only Yoni Van Leeuwen could SMS Yalta, she'd teach that kashrut inspector a thing or two.

A Kosher Delicious Pesach With Tnuva’s Delectable Dairy

The huge selection of Tnuva’s delicious kosher l’Pesach dairy products is truly a feast for the eyes.

David Mintz, Creator of Kosher Tofutti Products, Passes Away

The blessings of the Rebbe resulting in massive success; the creation of Tofutti, a non-dairy ice cream substitute made of tofu.

Bnei Brak Offering Free Cholent to Lure Unvaccinated Yeshiva Students – Free Coke, Too

Reports of a yeshiva student who received five doses of cholent by mistake.

Can You Stun and Shecht? How EU Commission Puts Kosher Lipstick on a Pig

Fine, we understand, you want Jews to stay, but what if these Jews want to eat a kosher burger?

Kosher Meat Shortages Ahead as EU Court Permits Shechitah Ban

"This is a dark day for the Jewish communities in Belgium and across Europe."

Realizing Jeremiah’s Prophecy: 3 Samaria Wineries Win Accolades in Intl. Competition

In the competition, which was held last week in Israel, more than 600 samples of wines and spirits were tested by some 40 judges from all over the world.

HealthEat Delivers Precision Meals to Clients Who Know What They Need and Want

"As soon as my darling children are out of the house and in kindergarten, at 7:30 AM, I start cooking."

JCT Hosts First-Ever Conference Examining if Lab-Grown Meat is Kosher

In light of the technological advances in producing lab-grown meat by in vitro cell culture, Jerusalem College of Technology in partnership with the Sulamot Organization hosts virtual gathering to examine the Halachic implications of this and other cutting-edge technologies.

Polish Senate Votes to Delay Bill that Would Ban Exports of Kosher Meat

Still, Rabbi Menachem Margolin of the European Jewish Association said “the battle isn’t over. It has merely been postponed. If you kick a can down a road, you will eventually run out of road.”

65 Israeli Wines Win Medals in Decanter World Wine Awards

The “Oscars of wine” recognizes the products of 18 Israeli wineries, bestowing six gold medals, 31 silvers and 28 bronzes.

Polish President Praises Law Banning Exports of Kosher Slaughtered Meat

President Duda said he was very concerned about the welfare and humanitarian treatment of animals, but stressed that the welfare of farmers came first.

Armani Hotel Dubai to Host First Kosher Restaurant in UAE

The restaurant will be operated under the rabbinical supervision of Rabbi Levi Y. Duchman, rabbi of the UAE, who has certified the venue with glatt-kosher and pas Yisroel.

Report: UAE National Carrier Emirates to Launch ‘Kosher Arabia’

“With recent developments, we expect that demand for kosher food in the UAE and region will grow quickly,” says Emirates Flight Catering CEO Saeed Mohammed.

European Court of Justice Advocate General Opposes Belgian Outlawing of Kosher Slaughtering

Clearly, the jurist did not go as far as to legitimize the Jewish and Muslim methods of killing animals per se, suggesting instead the rights of the slaughtered animals are superseded by the religious rights of European citizens.

UAE Crown Prince Instructs Abu Dhabi Hotels to Offer Kosher Food, Plans for Passover...

The Crown Prince of UAE has also instructed all hotels in the country prepare to offer food that is 'kosher for Passover' in time for this Passover.

Diplomacy Marches on its Stomach: One Rabbi Helps Cook Up Kosher Fare for UAE...

Rabbi Yissachar Krakowski and team prepared 300 kosher meals over the course of the two-day event in the United Arab Emirates.

Modern Orthodox Rabbis Rejoice in Kashrut Agreement with Chief Rabbinate; Rabbinate: It Never Happened

From now on, the Chief Rabbinate inspectors are not allowed to impose fines on businesses that do not use their kashrut services.

With Expected Domestic Travel Surge, OU Kosher Publishes Guide for Food & Travel

Orthodox Union (OU) Kosher, the world’s largest kosher certification agency, has launched a free online kosher food and travel guide to help Jews follow dietary and ritual observance while away from home.

Foie Gras Gets Glatt Kosher Stamp

The Csengele kosher slaughterhouse in Hungary has become the first to receive such certification for goose liver.

Two Senators Call for Kosher, Halal Food in Federal Emergency Coronavirus Programs

“Many in the Jewish and Muslim community eat kosher or halal food and have not been able to benefit from these programs,” stated a letter signed by two senators.

Shechita Crisis in Europe: Entire Teams Infected with COVID-19

This has affected production throughout Europe and is slowing meat processing and packing down to a halt.

Israeli Kashrut Supervisors Fly to Argentina Despite Tough Coronavirus Ban in Both Countries

Israel is Argentina' third largest buyer of beef, to the tune of $100 million annually.

Free Kosher Meals Available to Needy Jewish New Yorkers – If They Can Reach...

“Food accessibility is one of our most basic rights, and kosher-observant New Yorkers shouldn’t have been weeks behind the rest of the city.”

Hungary to Supply Packages of Kosher Poultry to Jewish Communities of Europe

The shortage is due to the closure of many kosher slaughterhouses, as well as the outlawing of “shechita” (kosher ritual slaughtering) in certain parts of Europe.

Listen: NY City Council Speaker Wants Kosher Lunches in Public Schools

NY City Council Speaker Corey Johnson on Tuesday suggested the Department of Education should offer kosher and halal meals in city schools. Speaking on...

New Steakhouse Completes Triumvirate of Outstanding Kosher Eateries in Boca

Butcher Block Grill Serves Fresh Ingredients and Kosher Meats in Style


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