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Mayor Eric Adams.

New York Mayor Eric Adams, who is visiting Israel this week, will meet on Tuesday with the leaders of the anti-judicial reform protests, his office announced. Adams will also meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a few hours after he meets with the protest leaders.

Adams, who landed in Ben Gurion International on Monday, wants to “learn about Israeli technology and discuss combined efforts to combat antisemitism,” also according to his office.


If he’s still in the country on Thursday, the mayor could participate in the rally of 10,000 women in Bnei Brak. The NY Times wrote he “has close ties to the ultra-Orthodox community in New York,” so he could tell them about the contempt secular Israeli women feel for them.

Adams’ decision to hold a meeting with representatives of the Anarchists who have been sabotaging life as we know it in Israel for eight months now comes two weeks after a delegation of Democratic congressmen led by minority leader Hakeem Jeffries avoided such a meeting. The delegation and Jeffries were attacked by Israeli ex-pats who insisted they should have met with the rabble-rousers even if AIPAC, who paid for the visit, was against it.

The critics back home made a point of rebuking the visiting Dems for spending two whole hours with PM Netanyahu but didn’t have time for Shikma Bressler. So, today, the mayor is meeting first with Shikma and sometime later with Bibi.

Mayor Adams published an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post, saying: “I am aware that my trip comes at a pivotal moment for Israel. As mayor of a city whose residents can hold widely differing and opposing views on many subjects, I understand the importance of working through contentious issues and having difficult discussions. Democracy is never easy, and it is only by confronting our differences that we can emerge stronger.”

It’s so funny that he thinks the anarchists he’ll be meeting today are interested in discussions…

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