Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
Benjamin Netanyahu in the Knesset. March 22, 2023

PM Benjamin Netanyahu has reopened his deliberations as to what to do next regarding the first judicial reform bill, in response to the very real threat by Interior Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir to quit the coalition, a move which would end Netanyahu’s current government, according to a report by Arial Kahana of Israel Hayom.

Netanyahu was expected to announce that he was stopping the legislation this morning following last night’s anarchy, but Ben-Gvir’s ultimatum gave him pause.


Netanyahu has now reportedly ordered the Knesset Committee to prepare the legislation as fast as possible, according to Kahana.

Netanyahu is also facing tremendous pressure from the Likud members to not stop the legislation.

It may very well be that Netanyahu realizes that the anarchist protests won’t stop if he stops the reform, they’ve already done their damage, and most of the country knows that reforms are needed, and he might decide to simply pull off the band-aid now and get it over with.

Once this first reform is passed, there’s no additional reforms immediately on the table, and with the Knesset going on break for the holidays, that might give opposition MK Benny Gantz the time and freedom to step away from the anarchists, and act like a responsible politician and openly support negotiating with the coalition on the additional reforms, which his party supports too.

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